Dr. Kirti Classes

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Dr. Kirti Classes

“Dr. Kirti Classes“ is a trusted name in Gandhinagar, as an English medium coaching institute.

A conscious effort has been made to do the interiors in a manner which highlights the brand & what it stands for.

We took “the passage” as a metaphor which leads you to the threshold, while in transition it welcomes, informs & educates. Wall on one side of the passage has the brand name with a reception desk and informative digital panel & pin up boards. The interior elements are kept very simple which frames these informative panels, as well as the classrooms & office entrances. Other side glass barrier brings a lot of natural light from north side, which makes the space lively.


Location : Gadhinagar
Area : 500
Design Team : Nikhil Suthar Bhaumik Bhatt
Completion : 2023