3 Sided Coin – Workspace

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3 Sided Coin – Workspace

This is an office for the “3 SIDED COIN” –a remote product design & strategy studio. We wanted to create an open plan workspace which will offer a lot of flexibility to the users.

In order to achieve the open plan work environment, we have hardly erected any vertical space dividing elements. Instead we have focused on using floor, other loose furniture and different surface finish treatments to define the spaces for different functions.

Chequered floor pattern defines different activity zones while the grey floor is primarily for movement. To add a little playfulness we have also drawn colourful “hopscotch” on this grey floor. Suspended wooden ceiling establishes a grid above the space and it also takes care of the overall lighting & other services. Workstations are traditional wooden desks stained with color to compliment the surrounding decor. The furniture surfaces are tessellated which makes it dynamic.  The wall  & furniture surfaces are treated with a color scheme which gives this space a retro look.

As stated earlier, we have refrained ourselves from creating visual barriers within the space. The available walls and other furniture surfaces are treated  in a way which creates aesthetically pleasing visual pockets without hampering the overall look. Use of natural light from the north facade also compliments and enhances the color scheme of the space.

Location : Ahmedabad
Area : 1100 sqft
Design Team : Bhaumik Bhatt , Manas Bhatt, Ashita Soni
Completion : 2023